Who To Bet Against? The Cincinnati Bengals or The L.A Rams?

Super Bowl Preview:

It’s sports betting Christmas time of the year again and it’s Super Bowl Season with the Cincinnati Bengals versus the L.A Rams.

There’s been a lot of talk with who will win this year and this has become the most trending news all over social media but where’s the big money (pro tiP: get free money with the Bet MGM Monday Money Club!)?

The game will be held in Inglewood, California, SoFi Stadium making the Rams the Home team and Bengals the Visitors in this popular event. So popular, the sponsors are bigger than ever having NBC buy each 30 second commercial for $6.5 million followed by the classic Budlight, Coca-Cola, Little Caesars and incredible musical guests like Dr. Dre, Eminem along with other talented artists. There’s more but this is how you know that there is big money. Though before we start betting, we need to know the imperfections between the two opposing teams to learn from their mistakes.

Losses Between The Bengals And The Rams:

As of January 9th both teams have lost on the same day. The Bengals lost against The Cleveland, Browns from 16 – 21 while the Rams lost to the San Francisco 49ers from 27 – 24. While against the Browns, Bengals had a losing streak in the first quarter but only because they were keeping one of their most valuable player, Case Keenum, on the bench but once he got in, they caught up but to late to win the game. Did coach Zac Taylor learn his lesson from this loss? It’s easy to learn about putting someone in to late but after this situation the Cincinnati team had a great winning streak. Winning against the Raiders, Titans, and Chiefs.

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On the same day, the 49ers have beat the Rams through a lucky interception from Ambry Thomas that was supposed to go to Odell Beckham Jr. We can say this was luck but before the interception it was such a close game of equal skill that the two teams had reached overtime. This shows that the Rams has a good show of consistency and nonstop play but a possible and rare delay that can happen at one point. With that loss, the Rams came back dominating the Cardinals and the Buccaneers while making a comeback to the 49ers, 17 – 20. Were both teams warming up and getting used to the new season, it may be so but let’s look more into the specifics.

Picks & Strategies:

The top players who make up the Bengals have a good equal amount of players in different objectives like having a good even amount of offense and defense with a good kicker, Mike Nudgent. Though with the Rams have a killer defense team with an award winning tackler, Andrew Whitworth who recently received the Walter Payton Man of The Year. We can say it’s an even game but the Rams seem more fierce. There’s also been lots of talk that the Rams may win this year as well. This comes to the question, Will strategy win or a better team with award winners and a trending reputation? It’s easy to answer that but that doesn’t mean the Bengals can win by luck which had the Rams lose back in January 9th. The Bengals can maybe even win by a point with the kicker or an interception. Though the Rams have a winning attitude with coach Sean McCay stating that, “first round picks are overrated”, which can mean that whoever he gets, they’ll be good enough to beat anyone through the hard training they go through.

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Through studying the coach books on both teams and the turnouts, you can predict their best strategies with their least throughout the season. This is a close game but it’s smart to figure out the turnouts by each quarter. With the rules of probability, the Rams will be ahead for the first two quarters which is recommended to bet high on while needing to remember their consistency and almost infinite amount of power they are best known for. The odds are high for the Bengals to catch up half way but can they catch up far enough to win the game? Has coach, Taylor, learned his lesson with putting people in to late? With the Super Bowl, this can be a lot to process and think about but a coach will stick with his strategies and play ball. Maybe he will get lucky which is the Ram’s downfall in the past. This comes back to wondering if the past weaknesses have been fixed enough to win.

Another thing to add is that this is a great game to bet on but you must remember your objective and it’s to come home with something instead of empty handed. That would be the worst way to celebrate one of this nation’s best sports events in television history. Not even a corny commercial can make it all better. It’s about having a good time, so bet an appropriate about of money. Let’s say $200 on the first half with the probability rules just mentioned or higher if you feel confident about this happening and less on the second half depending on who you have faith on. It’s important to know history on the best players, how they handle pressure and how this can effect a very important game.

Have A Good Time

With discussing and showing you a review on who may win the Super Bowl, I hope whoever reads this remembers to play smart and be consistent about it by not putting your guard down but at the same time, competition in this kind of event can be a great experience as it is every year. So bet safe and come home with something to celebrate even though there’s a loss in the end. You can also bet online through multiple apps such as; DraftKings, FanDuel, 888 Sports and much more that comes with bonuses that you can put right in your wallet. The Cincinnati Bengals versus The L.A Rams is being played February 13 at 6:30P.M. So start betting and win big!

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